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I Yan
He Aaye
She Aal
You Ee
It Avu
Come Bala
Came Batte
Will come Yan barpe
Open Tula
Opened Tuye
Will open Yan tupe
Sit Kullu
Walk Nadapu
Eat Tinla
Drink Parla
Win Gendiye
Go Pola
Run Balpu
I go Yan pope
He goes Aaye pope
He eats an apple Aaye apple tinpue
He is eating an apple Aaye apple tinoundu ulle
He ate an apple Aaye aaple tinde
I saw the film last week Yaan poye vaara picture tuthe
She came by bus yesterday Aal kode bustt bydeenee
They went to the temple Akulu devasthango poyer
He slept the whole night Aaye poora rathree jette
He wrote well in the examination Aaye parikshe layeek barethe
He has eaten Aaye tinte
He had eaten Aaye tinde
He had gone Aaye podu itte
He had come Aaye batt itte
He will eat Aaye tinpe
He will go Aape po pe
He will come Aaye barpe
What is your name? Ninna pudar dada
What Dada
Your Ninna
Name Pudar
What did you do? Ee dada malpua
What should I do? Yaan dada malpuode
What can I do? Yaan dada malpuode
What are the questions? Dada matha prashenulu
What were the questions? Dada matha prashenulu  itta
What is the last question? Kadetha prashne dada
What is written in the letter? Kagajid dada barethere
What you had been told? Ee dada panda
What will be the answer? Dada uttara aad uppu
Why did you come? Ee dayeg batta
Why did you sleep? Ee dayeg jeyyda
Why did you tell him to go? Ee dayeg pore panni
Why did he bring the bag? Aaye dayeg bag pathond bayyideene
Why did she pay the money? Aal dayeg duddu korinee
Why did they sit there? Akulu dayege aavulu kulludinee
Why do you drive the car? Ee dayeg car budupinee
Why did they come late for the meeting? Akulu dane meeting thada aayinee
How did you come? Ee encha bathini
How did you sleep? Ee encha jeppune
How did you drive the car ? Ee encha car budupinee
How did you write? Ee encha barepinee
How many apples are there in my hand? Eth apple enna kait undu
How many did you take? Ee eth detta
How much did he pay you? Eee eth duddu koriya
How much distance to go? Eth doora undu
How was the journey yesterday? Encha ninna prayana kodeda
Which way did you come? Ee encha batta
Which is your favourite colour? Ninna pasandada banna enchine
In which room did you sleep? Ee ovu roomd jeyyda
Which story did you tell? Eee enchina kathe panda
Which is the sweetest fruit? Ovu masth cheepe fruit
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Ovu paper hindid layeek
Which Indian state has the largest population? Ovu rajyadu jaasthi janakulu uppinee
Where are you coming from? Ee olthu battine
Where did you sleep? Ee olu jeyyidenee
Where is the manager’s cabin? Olu managerna kone
Where should I go? Yaan odeg povodu
Is it a book? Undu pusthaka na
Yes, it is a book Andd undu pusthaka
Is it the answer? Unda ninna javab
Yes, it is the answer Andd unde enna javab
Will you come with me? Ee enna ottug barpana
I shall come with you. Yaan ninna ottug baroda
Will you give me your pen? Ee ninna pen korpana
Yes, of course. Andd..dane korende
Do you love me ? Ee enna preethi malpuvana
Yes, I love you. And..yan ninan prethi malpuve
Can you give me your pen? Ee ninna pen korupuvana
Can you lift the box? Ee aa box derpuna
Can you write the exam? Ee pareekshe barepuvana
Did you have your lunch? Ee onas malthana
How are you? Ee encha ulla
I am fine Yaan saukya  ulle

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