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Hi! Salam
Good morning! Sobh bekheir
Good afternoon! Baad az zohr bekheir
Good evening! Asr bekheir
Welcome! (to greet someone) Khosh amadid
Hello my friend! Salam dooet e man
How are you? (friendly) Hal e shoma chetoor ast
How are you? (polite) Chetoori
I'm fine, thank you! Man khoobam ,mersi
And you? (friendly) Tu chetoori
And you? (polite) Va shoma
Good Khoob
Not so good Na kheili khoob
Long time no see Kheili vaghte ke too ra nadidam
I missed you Delam barat tang shoodeh
What's new? Cheh khabar
Nothing new Hich khabar
Thank you (very much)! Mersi,mamnoon,(kheili mamnoon)
You're welcome! (for "thank you") Khahesh mikonam
My pleasure Ba kamale meil
Come in! (or: enter!) Bia too!
Make yourself at home! Inja khaneh shomast
Have a nice day! Rooze khoobi dashteh bashid
Good night! Shab bekheir
Good night and sweet dreams! Shab bekheir va khabhaye shirin
See you later! Baadan shoma ra bebinam
See you soon! Bezoodi shoma ra bebinam
See you tomorrow! Farda shoma ra bebinam
Good bye! Khodahafez
Have a good trip! Mosaferate khoobi dashteh bashid
I have to go Man bayad beravam
I will be right back! Barmigardam
Good luck! Moafagh bashid
Happy birthday! Tavaloodat mobarak
Happy new year! Sale noo mobarak
Merry Christmas! Krismass mobarak
Happy Eid Sale noo mobarak
Happy Nowrooz Eide shoma mobarak
Congratulations! Tabrikat
Enjoy! (or: bon appetit) Nooshejan
Bless you (when sneezing) Afiat bashad
Best wishes! Ba behtarin arezooha
Cheers! (or: to your health) Be salamati
Accept my best wishes Behtarin arezoohayemara bepazir
What's your name? Esme shoma chist
My name is (John Doe) Esme man ...ast
Nice to meet you! Azdidane shoma khoshhalam
Where are you from? Kojai hastid(ahle kodam keshvarhastid)
I'm from (the U.S/ Iran) Man ahle …(u.s.a/iran) hastam
I'm (American/ Iranian) Man amrikai/parsi hastam
Where do you live? Koja zendegi mikonid
I live in (the U.S/ Iran) Man dar(u.s.a) zendegi mikonam
Do you like it here? Aya anja ra doost darid?
Iran is a beautiful country Iran keshvarezibai ast
What do you do for a living? Shogle shoma chist?
I'm a (teacher/ student/ engineer) Shogle man (moalem,daneshjoo,mohandes)ast
Do you speak (English/ Persian)? Aya englisi parsi sohbat mikonid
Just a little Faghat yek kam
I like Persian Man zabane parsi ra doostdaram
I'm trying to learn Persian Man saay mikonam parsi yadbegiram
It's a hard language Zabane sakhti ast
It's an easy language An zabane asani ast
Oh! That's good! Ah!khoob ast
Can I practice with you? Aya mi tavanam ba shoma tamrin konam
I will try my best to learn Man say mikonam ke yad begiram
How old are you? Shoma chand sal darid?
I'm (twenty one, thirty two) years old Man (bist o yek saleh,si o doo saleh)hastam
It was nice talking to you! Sohabat bashoma jalebbood(azsohbat ba shoma khoshhal shodam)
It was nice meeting you! Az didane shoma khoshhal shodam
Mr.../ Mrs. .../ Miss... Aghaye ...,khanome...,dooshizeh
This is my wife In hamsar e (zan e )man ast
This is my husband In shohare man ast
Say hi to Thomas for me Az tarfe man betomas salam beresanid
Are you free tomorrow evening? Aya farda asr vaght darid
I would like to invite you to dinner Man mayelam shoma ra be sham davat konam
You look beautiful! (to a woman) Shoma khoshgel (ziba) hastid !baraye zan
You have a beautiful name Shoma esme zibai darid
Can you tell me more about you? Mishavad bishtar az khodetan begooid
Are you married? Aya ezdevaj kardehid?
I'm single Man mojarad hastam
I'm married Man moteahel hastam
Can I have your phone number? Aya mitavanam shomareh telephone shoma ra dashteh basham?
Can I have your email? Aya mitavanam e-maile shoma ra dashte basham
Do you have any pictures of you? Aya axi az khodatdari?
Do you have children? Aya farzanddarid?
Would you like to go for a walk? Doost darid ba ham ghadam bezanim?
I like you Shoma ra doost daram(polite form)tu ra doost daram
I love you Man asheghe shoma hastam
You're very special! Shoma kheili makhsoos hastid
You're very kind! Shoma kheili mehraban hastid
I'm very happy Man kheili khoshhalam
Would you marry me? Aya meil darid ke ba man ezdevaj konid
I'm just kidding Shookhi mikonam
I'm serious Jedi migooyam
My heart speaks the language of love Ghalbam ba zabane eshgh sohbat mikonad
Sorry! (or: I beg your pardon!) Bebakhshid
Sorry (for a mistake) Bebakhshid
No problem! Mohem nist
Can you repeat please? Aya mitavanid tekrar konid
Can you speak slowly? Aya mitavanid yavash sohbat konid
Can you write it down? Ayamitavanid an ra benevisid?
Did you understand what I said? Aya motevajeh shodid
I don't understand! Motevajeh nemishavam
I don't know! Nemidanam
What's that called in Persian? Be persian che mishavad
What does that word mean in English? An kalameh be englisi che mishavad?
How do you say "thanks" in Persian? Thank you 'be persian che mishavad
What is this? In chist?
My Persian is bad Persian man bad ast
Don't worry! Negaran nabash
I agree with you Man ba shoma movafegham
Is that right? Aya an dorost ast?
Is that wrong? Ayaan eshtabah ast?
What should I say? Che bayad begoyam?
I just need to practice Man faghat niaz be tamrin daram
Your Persian is good Persian e shoma khoob ast
I have an accent Man lahjeh daram(manzoor in ast ke shoma nemitavanid begooid ke man irani hastam
You don't have an accent Shoma lahje nadarid(manzoor:lahjeh shoma shabihe mast)
Excuse me! (before asking someone) Bebakgshid
I'm lost Man gom shodeham
Can you help me? Aya mitavanid be man komak konid?
Can I help you? Aya mitavanam be shoma komak konam?
I'm not from here Man ahle inja nistam
How can I get to (this place, this city)? Che tor mi tavanambe(in mahal,in shahr )beresam?
Go straight Mostaghim beravid
Then Baad az zohr bekheir
Turn left Be chap bepichid
Turn right Be rast bepichid
Can you show me? Aya mitavanid be man neshan dahid
I can show you! Mitavanam neshan daham!
Come with me! Ba man bia(friendly form),ba man biaid(polite form)
How long does it take to get there? Cheghadr tool mikeshad ta be anja beresam?
Downtown (city center) Markaze shahr
Historic center (old city) Markaze tarikhi
It's near here An nazdike injast
It's far from here An door az injast
Is it within walking distance? Aya piadeh mitavan be anja resid?
I'm looking for Mr. Smith Man be donbale aghaye esmith migardam
One moment please! Yek lahzeh lotfan
Hold on please! (when on the phone) Lotfan khat ra negah darid
He is not here Oo inja nist
Airport Roroodgah
Bus station Istgahe autobus
Train station Istgahe gatar
Taxi Tksi
Near Nazdik
Far Dour
Help! Komak
Stop! Stop!
Fire! Atash!
Thief! Dozd!
Run! Bedo!
Watch out! (or: be alert!) Moazeb bash!
Call the police! Police raseda konid!
Call a doctor! Doktor ra seda konid!
Call the ambulance! Ambulance ra seda konid
Are you okay? Haletan khoob ast?
I feel sick Man mariz hastam
I need a doctor Man be doktor niaz daram
Accident Tasadof
Food poisoning Masmoumiate ghazi
Where is the closest pharmacy? Nazdiktarin daroukhaneh kojast
It hurts here Inja dard mikonad
It's urgent! In fori(urgence)ast
Calm down! Aram shoo
You will be okay! Tu khoub khahi shod
Can you help me? Aya mitavani be man komak koni?
Can I help you? Aya mitavanam be shoma komak konam?
I have a reservation (for a room) Man yek(otagh) reserve kardeham
Do you have rooms available? Aya otaghe amadeh darid,
With shower / With bathroom Ba doush/ba hamam
I would like a non-smoking room Mayelam yek otaghe gheir sigari begiram
What is the charge per night? Kerayeh otagh shabi cheghadr ast
I'm here on business /on vacation Man baraye kar inja hastam/man baraye tatilat inja hastam
Dirty Kasif
Clean Tamiz
Do you accept credit cards? Aya carte credit ghaboul mikonid
I'd like to rent a car Mayelam yek machin ejareh konam
How much will it cost? Hazineh an cheghadr ast?
A table for (one / two) please! Yek miz baraye yek/do nafar
Is this seat taken? Aya in sandali ra gereftehand?
I'm vegetarian Man giahkhar hastam
I don't eat pork Man khook nemikhoram
I don't drink alcohol Man alkol neminousham
What's the name of this dish? Esme in gaza chist?
Waiter / waitress! Garson/khanom garson
Can we have the check please? Aya mitavanim menu ra bebinim?
It is very delicious! In besiar khoshmazeh ast
I don't like it Man in ra doost nadaram
Shopping Expressions Ebaratemarbout be kharid
How much is this? In cheh gheimat ast
I'm just looking Faghat mikhaham negah konam
I don't have change Man poole khoord nadaram
This is too expensive In besiar geran ast
Expensive Geran
Cheap Arzan
What time is it? Saat cheghadr ast?
It's 3 o'clock Sa,at 3ast
Give me this! In ra be man bedahid
Are you sure? Aya motmaen hasti?hastid(polite)?
Take this! (when giving something) In ra begirid
It's freezing (weather) Havayakh zadeh
It's cold (weather) Hava sard ast
It's hot (weather) Hava garm ast
Do you like it? Aya an ra doust dari?
I really like it! Man vagha,an an ra doust daram!
I'm hungry Man gorosneh hastam
I'm thirsty Man teshneham
He is funny Ou khandehdarast
In The Morning Sobhvaght
In the evening Vaghte asr
At Night Vaghte shab
Hurry up! Ajale kon
This is nonsense! (or: this is craziness) In bimani ast!
My God! (to show amazement) Khodaye man
What's wrong with you? Shoma ra cheh mishavad?
Are you crazy? Aya divaneh hasti,
Get lost! (or: go away!) Gom shoo!
Leave me alone! Man ra tanhabegzar!
I'm not interested! Man alaghemand nistam!
Dear John John e aziz
My trip was very nice Mosaferate man besiarkhoob bood
The culture and people were very interesting Farhang va mardom besiar jaleb boud
I had a good time with you Man vaghte khoobi ba shoma dashtam
I would love to visit your country again Doust daram keshvaretan ra doobareh bebinam
Don't forget to write me back from time to time Faramoosh nakon keh bazi vaghtha beh man nameh bedahi
Good Khoob
Bad Bad
So-so (or: not bad not good) Na khoob,na bad
Big Bozorg
Small Kouchak
Today Emrouz
Now Hala
Tomorrow Farda
Yesterday Dirooz
Yes Baleh
No Na khoob,na bad
Fast Tond,sari
Slow Yavash
Hot Garm
Cold Sard
This In besiar geran ast
That An door az injast
Here Inja dard mikonad
There Anja
Me (ie. Who did this? - Me) Man (bist o yek saleh,si o doo saleh)hastam
You Tou
Him Ou khandehdarast
Her Ou khandehdarast
Us Man (bist o yek saleh,si o doo saleh)hastam
Them Anha
Really? Vaghean
Look! Negah kon!
What? Cheh?
Where? Koja?
Who? Ki?
How? Chetor?
When? Key?cheh vaght?
Why? Chera?
Zero Sefr
One Yek
Two Doo
Three Seh
Four Chahar
Five Panj
Six Shesh
Seven Haft
Eight Hasht
Nine Noh
Ten Dah

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