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Bon dia Good Morning
Bon tardi Good Afternoon
Bon nochi Goodnight
Bon Bini Welcome
Danki Thank you
Con ta bai How are you?
Mi ta bon I am fine
ajo Bye
kwan tor tin What time is it?
Unda bo ta biba Where do you live?
Ami me
Abo you
Nos tur All of us
boso  All of you
nos dos The two of us
mi I or I am
Mi por papia Papiamento I can speak Papiamento
Mi stima Aruba I love Aruba
Mi kier I want
Pabien Congratulations
Pasa un bon dia  Have a good day
Hopi bon Very Good!
Poco poco Quietly or slowly
Te aworo See you later
Un sunchi A kiss
Un braza A hug
Mi dushi My sweetheart
dushi 'om Delicious or great
Ku tur mi amor With all my love
Ranka Lenga To french kiss
frei A loved one
Mi amor My love
ranka orea  To cheat on someone
hole dushi Smells good
Hopi bon Very good
kwanto esaki ta costa How much does this cost
Mi ta wak rond Looking around, browsing
Ban dal un trip Lets go out on a trip
Banco The Bank
Plaka Money
Ki pelicula ta hunga awe? What movie is playing today
keds Sneakers
sapato Shoes
den caya In the town
Mi tin sed I'm thirsty
Mi tin hamber  I'm hungry
Ban kas Lets go home
Botica Drugstore
bin aki Come here
ban Sali  Lets go out
ban goza Lets enjoy
tur kos ta bon Everything is going well
ban sigi  Lets continue
ban come  Lets eat
awa Water
awacero Rain
lamper Lightning
strena  Thunder
nubia Cloud
lama The beach, also the ocean
tera Sand, also country
kunuku  The country side
den stad In the city
na waf At the port
brug Bridge
cuminda Food
pan Bread
manteca Butter
keshi Cheese
Pisca Fish
beleg Cold cuts
lechi Milk
soft or refresco Soda
mangel Sweets/candy
chupa bebe A lollipop made in Aruba
pastechi Similar to pate
suku Sugar
salo Salt
pika Pepper

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